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OneSwitch for Business and Organisations

Design, Consultancy, Installation, Analysis

Construction and Renovation

OneSwitch offers a complete service for installing smart lights, smart switches and other systems in new build and renovated apartment blocks. Design is customised to your build and complete support from design to user handover is possible.

Luxury and Bespoke

OneSwitch provides support for upgrading luxury residences with the latest smart technology to ensure total convenience, privacy and comfort. Our discrete service ensures our clients needs are fulfilled.


Hotels are a perfect place to deploy a OneSwitch system. Obtain realtime information about the hotel and get more information about the services your guests require. Optimisation and detailed matrix drives down costs and increases guest satisfaction.


Guest facing systems on yachts are perfect for automation and the yacht architecture provides a perfect platform for installation of OneSwitch's smart solution. We support all non-critical systems and sub systems with an emphasis on design and usability.