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Monitor your plants in near real time with this plant sensor. It can detect changes in soil moisture, fertalisation temperature and light. Easily integrate it with your hydroponics system using the OneSwitch hub automation capability.


If you purchase this with a kit, we will configure the plant sensor to work out of the box so no configuration is nescessary.

MiFlora Plant Sensor

CHF100.00 Regular Price
CHF60.00Sale Price
  • Tech Specs

    Weight 130g / 0.29lbs
    Size (L*W*H) 12.00x2.45x1.25 cm
    Input voltage DC 5V
    Control OneSwitch hub using Bluetooth low energy, OEM standalone app
    Light Monitor Measuring Range 0 - 100000lm ± 100lm
    Functions Moisture / Light / Temperature / Nutrition
    Baterry 1 x DC 3V CR2032 button battery (Included)