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OneSwitch Standard

OneSwitch Standard is all you need to get started with your smart hom system. Now you can control your lights from your mobile device, tablet or computer, turn lights on when you arrive home or even setup automations to turn off all but one light at a certain time, for example at night. No need for expensive and inconvenient 'smart lights', by making the wall switch smart, any light can be made smart! Compared to the light pack, you get several additional switches included and also the packaging of a beautiful wall mountable touch panel to control your home with extra ease. Additional environment sensors allow you to see changes in the environment on a room-by-room basis as well as control them through the smart thermostat.



OneSwitch Standard consists of five smart wall switches, the cloudless hub and a sensor stack to detect when you are arriving home. The responsibility for installation is the users. We regret that we can not provide installation at this time. We provide a complete step by step user installation manual and which requires the old wall switches to be removed and the new ones to be installed. The setup of the switches is as easy as typing in your wifi SSID and password!


Box Contains

  1. 1x OneSwitch hub
  2. 6x OneSwitch smart wall switches
  3. 1x Welcome home front door sensor
  4. 2x Door and motion sensor combo
  5. 2x 5m RGBWW LED
  6. 2x WiFi LED controller
  7. 3x Environment sensor
  8. CT507 radiotherm thermostat
  9. Standard automations
  10. Full user and installation instructions


Lead time

We build, program and test each one of our units at our Prilly office. Due to the large variey of systems we offer, each must be assembled to order so that it meets your expectations. We keep a stock of components ready to assemble, so it is our aim to ship with PostPac Priority no later than 2 weeks after recieving your order. We will keep you informed about order progress from receipt through manufacture and all the way to shipping.

OneSwitch Standard

CHF1,800.00 Regular Price
CHF990.00Sale Price
  • Smart Switch

    OneSwitch MQTT smart switches are available in two different colors and three different configurations. The switches come out of the box ready configured to operate so there is zero configuration.

    White (default) or black

    one two or three buttons on each switch

    3x 1 channel
    2x 2channel
    1x 3 channel


    • Compatibility: MQTT/API/HTTP/WEB
    • Standard:EU Plug (62mm)
    • Power Supply: 90V-250V AC
    • Max. Current: 3A/250V/channel
    • Max. Power: 600W/gang
    • Wireless Standard: WiFi 2.4GHz IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
    • Material: ABS + Toughened Glass Pane


  • Environment Sensor

    Track changes in air quality, temperature and humidity with your OneSwitch environment sensor.


    Watch daily variations in the temperature as you turn on the heating, watch the air quality improve when you open the window after rain and keep your houses relative humidity at a comfortable level. Watch the changes on graphs and charts as a function of time.



    • Model: Bosch BME680
    • State of Assembly: Ready-to-GoG
    • Pressure: 300...1100 hPa
    • Humidity 0…100%
    • Temperature: -40…85°C
    • VOC deviation S2S 15%
    • Response time 1ms
    • Update period up to 60Hz
  • Smart Hub

    OneSwitch is a cloudless smart home solution. Your data and the controller uniquely use the smart hub, no data is exchanged with third parties or with OneSwitch. The smart hub runs a modified version of the wildly popular Homeassistant software. The switches and interfaces are all finished in Switzerland, a country with very strong privacy and data protection laws.


    The hub is a small object that we recommend you connect to your router via the provided internet cable.



    • Working voltage: 5VDC
    • Dimensions: 85mmx56mmx25mm
    • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Automations

    Your system comes out of the box containing a few simple automations, such as turning on the lights when you arrive home and a button to turn off all lights. We add an additional out of the box  bathroom automation for our standard customers. When you exit the bathroom the light will turn off automatically.


    More automations can be added via the user interface as explained in the user manual. Alternatively, automations can be added by editing configuration files on the hub.



    Turnoff: Disables all lights in the house.

    Turnon: Enables all lights in the house.

    Nightmode: Disables all lights apart from bedroom.

  • CT507 Thermostat

    The radiotherm thermostat connects to your wifi network allowing the controller to monitor and adjust household temperatures with ease. Now you can control the heating of your house with greater precision than ever before whilst collecting valuable information about energy useage from the environmental sensors placed around your home.



    • Working voltage: 24VDC
    • Dimensions: 11.5cmx3cmx11.5cm
    • Battery backup: 3x AA LiFeS batteries included
  • Door and motion combo

    The welcome home sensor can detect when you are coming home. By adding more sensors around the house, occupancy of rooms can be determined and you can add more automations based on this information. Perhaps you want the bathroom light to activate at night or the ligts to turn off when everyone has left. With door and motion sensors placed around your house this is now a possibility.


    The sensor contains a infrared motion sensor and a door sensor with an onboard microprocessor. The microprocessor reads the states of motion and the door in real time and reports changes to the OneSwitch cmart hub.



    • Working voltage: 5VDC
    • Dimensions: 45mmx25mmx45mm
    • Connectivity: WiFi IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
    • Power: <1W
  • WiFi LED Strip

    LED strips are reels of LEDs that can be used to change the mood of a room. The controller allows you to simply change the color and brightness of the LEDs from the smarthub user interface. The strips are ideal for transforming the bedroom or the kitchen by adding low level lighting to suit your mood.


    OneSwitch uses IP67 dual channel RGB+WW LED strips which can be used with the supplied double sided tape to allow easy installation at any position in the home.



    • LED Type: 5050 SMD
    • Working Voltage: DC 24V
    • 60WW LED/m
    • 60RGB LED/m
    • Luminosity: 14lm/m


    • Controller dimensions: 93 x 46 x 20mm
    • Load limit: 96W/channel
    • Working voltage: 24VDC
    • 24V 8A Power supply included.


  • Support

    OneSwitch can provide comprehensive telephone support including working remotely on the setup. To enable this you will need to follow the instructions found in the user manual. Once support is complete, follow the removal instructions in the user manual.

  • Refunds and Warranty

    OneSwitch aims to provide complete satisfaction. Each unit is tested in our Prilly office before shipping to ensure functionality. If there are any defects with the unit upon delivey, we will replace it. The system can be refunded no questions asked within 7 days of purchase for a 50CHF restocking fee.


    For damage occuring during normal operation within the first year, replacements can be sent after contacting our customer service.